Tailspin Tommy’s is located at scenic 0S9 (Jefferson County International Airport, Washington) near historic Port Townsend, on the Olympic Peninsula. We offer aircraft repair maintenance services, including major and minor repairs or modifications, annual inspections, insurance claim repairs, corrosion treatment, and more.

Conveniently located next door to the Spruce Goose Cafe (a pilot’s favorite), and aircraft fuel, we also offer Aircraft Rentals, Flight Instruction, and Pilot Flight Reviews.

Our Pilot Lounge is available for relaxing or flight planning. We have comfortable couches, computer, WiFi access, microwave, refrigerator, and refreshments. We also have a courtesy car available if you would like to drive to Port Townsend.


Available rental planes


Tailspin Tommy’s was founded in 1981 by Thomas Wacker, a long standing A&P Mechanic at 0S9 (Jefferson County International Airport).

In 2011, Scott Erickson and his wife Nataliya purchased Tailspin Tommys aircraft maintenance business, continuing Tommy’s dedication to quality, safety and affordable aircraft maintenance. Scott has extensive experience working with all types of aircraft over the past 27 years in the field, and his team is committed to serving the Jefferson County aviation community, including the Jefferson County Pilots’ Association

Engine Overhaul

Services List

  • Annual Inspections
  • Owner Assist Annual Inspections
  • Major and minor repairs and modifications
  • Engine Overhauls
  • Authorized Corrosion X & ACF50 Corrosion Treatment Center
  • Aircraft Insurance Repairs, Salvage and Recovery
  • Current Fuel Price (100 LL): $5.29 as of January 1 2018

Maintenance Rates: $95/hour

Flight training lounge

Pilot Flight Training

Tailspin Tommy’s offers instruction for Private Pilot and General Flight Training as well as Pilot Flight Reviews. Introductory Flight lessons start at $109 which includes half hour ground and half hour with personal licensed FAA Instructor. Our flight instructors are qualified to teach Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot,Instrument Pilot, and Multiengine. We are a part of the EAA Chapter Eagle Pilot Mentor and Young Eagle Program. Contact us for more information about getting involved.

Gift Certificates Available.